Monday, January 30, 2012

What This May Become?

Just the other day, I was searching eBay for unusual objects and I ran across this old bed pan.  It was offered for sale by a lady from northern Ohio, up by Lake Erie, who during remodeling an old home they bought, found this little beauty unused in the original box, from the fifties.

"What in hell will I do with a bed pan", I asked myself?  Besides, it didn't have the ol' penis pipe that you see on most bed pans.  That's because it for a female, my wife informed me.  But, it looks a lot better without that goofy thing sticking out the back, or is it the front?  Who cares, it sticks out, that's what I do know, and it doesn't look too cool.

All kinds of application possibilities were floating around inside my gourd when I saw this thing, so I had to have it, and for $4.49 it was areal bargain . . . have you ever priced these things on the retail floor?  You can piss away fifty bucks in one pass.  No pun intended.

What could this become?

It could be a hard hat for Newt.  Perhaps a soup bowl for Mitt.  How 'bout a brandy snifter for the Governor of Arizona, (if shes even knows what brandy is, those desert dwellers think Grand Marnier is Joe Arpaio)?  Maybe a tea pot for the Tea Party.  What about a yacht for Ron Paul, so the old buzzard can sail out of our lives?  Geez, the possibilities are endless.

But, I got an idea that will knock your socks off.  So, stay tuned and I'll share it soon.

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