Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can You Believe This Crap?!

In their most infinite wisdom, the Ohio Legislature passed a bill, which recently went into effect, that allows anyone with a 'conceal carry' permit to pack their hidden firearm into a bar or restaurant, any bar, anytime!

A stipulation in the law is that the 'packer' cannot drink alcohol, and the bar owner/tender is the one responsible for ensuring the 'packer' isn't drinking.  Between pouring a whiskey sour and a black Russian, the bartender must determine who is carrying and drinking, and to be the one to tell the armed guy he cannot have the drink he ordered.  Yup, I think that will surely happen . . . and I believe in the tooth fairy, too!

Jesus Christ (there I go, praying again), are non-gun-toting patrons going to be subjected to a search now, when they enter a bar or restaurant, simply because some asshole thinks he needs to carry a weapon to protect himself.

What?  Are they all nuts?!   Mixing bullets with booze is a recipe for disaster!

Oh, I know, all the gun nuts I know, and those I don't know, will throw a fit if they read this or hear that I'm criticizing the decision.  They will cry that they have a right to bear arms.  OK, I get that.  I just don't agree with hidden guns, any time, any place.  If they're so gawd damn afraid of their shadows, perhaps they should hide in their basements or bathrooms, and let us less fearsome individuals walk the streets and visits establishments without wondering when someone will whip out their sixshooter to start settling old scores.

But, I don't give a damn what they think, the conceal carry law is clearly a bad decision, and letting anyone, but a cop, carry a concealed weapon is lunacy.   But, the decision is political, and the NRA has an enormous lobby, so our good political whores are selling out for the gun nut vote.

Try this on for my reasoning.  A 60-something-year-old woman was filling her car with gas a couple weeks ago in a neighboring community, when the gun she was carrying slipped out of it's holster, fell to the ground, discharged, and shot her in the leg.  What if she had been sitting on her whoopee cushion eating an egg-Mac-muffin, when this happened and someone else got shot.  What then?  I suppose her excuse would be that she feared that crazy looking Ronald McDonald.

It's not Bubba the beer drinking redneck that scares hell out of me, you know he's got a gun, it's in the back window of his pick-em-up truck.  It's the half wit scared shit less, by the lame brain media, with no understanding of firearms, who thinks they can protect themselves from the bogey man with a gun, who I'm concerned about.

Perhaps, the gun toter should be required to declare he/she is carrying a concealed weapon upon entering a public place, and be required to wear a visible badge of declaration.  I'll bet that would be good for the economy and the business, as the non-toting folks hastily beat feet for the nearest exit.  How would the NRA explain that economic misfortune?

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