Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh, Momma!

I took a brake from building CBGs and amps this week to volunteer at the rummage sale for our church.  Anyone who has ever done this knows that it's a boatload of work, no money, a handful of strong backs doing the heavy lifting, a weak mind or two telling everyone else what to do, but the rewards far outnumber the weaknesses.

I didn't pay a lot of attention to where the music was coming from, but when I did get curious, I spotted this old cathedral style mantle radio surrounded by TVs, computers, other radios, and miscellaneous junk, pumping out great sound.  I looked around to make sure no one was watching me sneak up on this jewel, 'cause I wanted it, no matter the cost.

Oh, momma, this is awesome!  What an amplifier this will make.  So, I beat feet over to the lady running the show and asked her if I could buy it now?  She thought about it and said, "I guess so, but can you leave it plugged in for the sound around here?"  How much?  "Is twenty bucks OK?"  I nearly kissed her.  Sold!

After I got it home, I decided I just couldn't rip it apart, it really is an awesome radio, so I'm going to install my super-duper-monster GuitarFuel amp harness inside the radio cavity with all the other wires and crap, for a real sanitary creation, which I can use in many ways for entertainment. 

It now commands a very special spot at the end of the bar in our basement, which is finished in a music theme honoring our dog Wyatt, who passed several years ago . . . the 'Black Dog Blues Bar'

And, after drooling over it for awhile, I got the screwy idea to build a guitar shaped like the radio, complete with cutouts and recesses, which would match the radio. 

Geez, I can't wait to get started, but I gotta finish a couple guitars and an amp for servicemen in Afghanistan and Africa, first.

See ya later, gotta go!

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