Friday, December 3, 2010

A Perfect Gift -- Art and Function All In One

Three String Cigar Box Guitar
Combination Acoustic & Electric
Made by me, Jess Allred -- TotalRojo Guitars
  • I will create a custom, handmade, cigar box guitar similar to the one shown.
  • Choose a style from the creations seen on this blog, or develop your own theme for me.
  • Please allow two weeks for the completion of your guitar.
  • Share your thoughts or questions with me (
The instrument shown above is a genuine three-string cigar box guitar.  It is fretted and set up with open tuning and can be played with either slide or in the traditional strum/pick manner.  It is built for playing Delta Blues, Folk, Rock, or whatever, acoustically or through an amp via a Piezo transducer pickup.  Either way it sounds great, and it's unique and gnarly sound is perfect for ripping the blues on a slide.

There are numerous design possibilities, so I am not limited in creation. 

Features Include:
  • A genuine cigar box
  • Hand cut sound holes -- open, covered, or screen-backed, and styles vary
  • Hand shaped oak neck -- set neck or through-box design
  • Poplar fretboard
  • Hand finished stainless steel medium size frets
  • Geared tuning machines -- open or closed design
  • Custom handmade nut -- in a variety of styles and materials
  • Custom handmade bridge and saddle -- in variety of styles and materials
  • Custom designed tailpiece to fit the style of the guitar
  • 25-inch scale on most designs, but that can be altered to fit the design/style
  • Steel strings on all guitars
  • Commercial pickups -- either Piezo transducer; single coil; or Humbucker style
  • Graphic enhancements when desired or required
Each instrument is handmade by me, and intended to be played, and each guitar has a unique look and sound, no two are alike, and each is numbered and signed for authentication.

Prices vary depending on design and style, however they range from $135.00 for the simpler straight-forward designs to $300+ for the more complex and refined guitars.  Includes a set of extra strings -- $9 value.  Shipping is additional.  (Write me for a quote on your design or selection).

All the instruments are playable one-of-a-kind creations ready to meet your musical demand.

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